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Below are short descriptions and links to some of our wonderful free utilities.


MODIFACL.NLM is a real "life saver". This module can read and modify (add operation only) Access Control List (ACL) of any NDS object from server console without need to enter any userID/password. Imagine situation your Admin access is for some reasons lost and you cannot administer your NDS any longer. Using this utility you can simply add any existing object as a trustee to the ACL of the [Root] (or any other DS container) and create this way in fact a new administrator ! This NLM module is a big help to any NDS administrator.

For more details/help how to use it simply load MODIFACL on the server without any parameter.
MODIFACL.NLM should be run on a server with MASTER replica of affected partition only !


RINGING.NLM is a NLM module which does nothing but rings as a phone on the server. This is kind of funny stuff but can also be used in batch/script files to inform administrator with noisy acoustic signal that something unusual has happened on the server.

RINGING.NLM has one or two optional parameters - first parameter sets number of ringing repeats (default=3), and second parameters sets approximate length of tones in ms (default=80).

Usage: LOAD RINGING [nr_of_repeats [delay]]