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see more screenshots DESCRIPTION

RC.NLM is a NetWare loadable modul which acts on system console as a file commander. It allows to copy, move, delete, rename files or directories, find and salvage existing or deleted files, purge deleted files. It also allows to view or edit files, it provides volume/directory statistics, it shows BINDERY or NDS objects and their properties/attributes.

User can login from the system console easily to another NetWare server (or to NDS tree) and work with files/dirs remotely. Using this program it is possible to copy, move etc. files/dirs between servers S2 and S3 while being on server S1!

Program also supports NDS, long names, access to local DOS partition and to hidden _NETWARE directory.

The best advantage of this program is that it looks pretty similar to (once) popular Norton or Volkov commander; it also has very similar (and also extended) functionality and behaviour. So there is no need to learn anything new. The user interface is simple and intuitive! The demo version is available for download.


· LIST files/dirs
· COPY, MOVE files/dirs
· DELETE, RENAME files/dirs
· CREATE dirs
· VIEW, EDIT files
· SHOW dirs in tree
· GET VOLUME stats
· SORT by name/type
· SORT by size/date
· SEARCH for files/dirs
· UNDELETE files
· PURGE dirs/volumes
· MODIFY file/dir attrs
· QUICK FIND files/dirs
· LONG NAMES supported
· _NETWARE directory access
· LOGIN to remote servers
· CHECK NDS health
· DELETE NDS objects
· CHANGE BINDERY passwords
· CHANGE NDS passwords


NetWare 3.x, NetWare 4.x, NetWare 5.x, NetWare 6.x