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Following is the list of projects we are planning or we are currently involved in. Let us know if any of these sounds interestingly to you.

GSM programming

Various tools in GSM area, mostly based on GSM 07.07, GSM 07.05, GSM 11.11 and GSM11.14 standards for mobile phones.

Current status: Frozen after several prototypes have been coded.

TEMON.NLM (see screenshots)

TEMON.NLM is NetWare loadable module which is capable to monitor temperature on the motherboard and start predefined actions when temperature thresholds are reached. The idea here is to provide a tool which can monitor and save HW in case of critical temperature conditions (due to fan failure etc.) The project is based either on legacy ISA or on PCI architecture with SMBus support.

If you are interested in testing this new product in your own environment, send us an e-mail with your HW specifics. We can then modify code and send you a copy for testing.

Current status: Working prototype, with limited HW support. It has been developed and tested on Elitegroup P6BXT and ASUS P2B-D motherboards. At the moment implemented/supported HW monitor chips: GL518SM, GL520SM, W83781D, and W83782D.


The idea behind this project is to provide limited USB interface for USB WEB cameras to NetWare servers. This way it would be possible to add camera snapshots directly to the NetWare WEB pages.

Current status: Seeking for well documented WEB camera interface.

CLONECD.NLM (see screenshots)

CLONECD.NLM is NetWare loadable module which allows you to access CD-ROM, CD-RW, and DVD devices, attached to your server (via IDE), directly from server console. The objective here is to provide tool for reading/ripping/cloning CDs, and/or creating CD images.

Current status: Working on prototype, coding and testing basic functions.


Yet another remote console for NetWare...? Oh yes! This is UDP based agent on NetWare server.

Current status: Frozen, working prototype with limited functionality.