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PWDCHECK.NLM is a NetWare loadable module, which makes possible to demonstrate password strength or weakness quickly and easily, directly from the system console. It demonstrates how easy it is to break weak user passwords with computational performance of the current PC HW (Pentium IV/2.8GHz+, stand October 2002).

The idea behind this program is quite simple. Once the user enters his/her password, text string analyse is done, and computational power of the running NetWare server is evaluated. Program then internally emulates several thousands brute-force attacks against given password. Elapsed time is counted, and finally, time estimate for brute-force attack is computed.
To get a better picture of the problem, this program also allows you to run brute-force attack against given password. The attack can be stopped/started at any time; the data is safely stored in case the program unloads or server goes down, so that computing can continue next time.


· Password analyze
· "Brutal force attack" demonstration
· Multiple processor support


NetWare 5.x, NetWare 6.x

This utility has been ported to use latest Novell LibC technology, and requires on NetWare 5.1 service pack SP4 (or newer) installed.