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Below are links to FULL and UNSUPPORTED versions of our products and free utilities. We provide them to potential end-users on "AS IS" basis, without any kind of warranty or liability. Downloading and using them you agree with our free license agreement.

FULL and UNSUPPORTED versions description size valid until
NETMON2.NLM Network Interface Monitor, ver.2.10, incl.HTML (LibC only) 85 KB n/a
NETMON2c.NLM Network Interface Monitor, ver.2.10         (CLib version) 84 KB n/a
NETMON2l.NLM Network Interface Monitor, ver.2.10         (for NW 4.x & 5.0) 66 KB n/a
NETMON2.DOC Documentation for NETMON v.2.10 29 KB
NETMON.NLM Network Interface Monitor, ver.1.12c 56 KB n/a
README.TXT Short description and help file for NETMON.NLM 13 KB
RC4.NLM File Commander for NDS servers, ver.2.45 68 KB n/a
RC3.NLM File Commander for BINDERY servers (also NDS servers), ver.1.45 118 KB n/a
RCLITE.NLM Downgraded File Commander (can be loaded and used on old 3.11 systems with prehistoric CLIB), ver.1.45 117 KB n/a
README.TXT Short description and help file for RC.NLM 23 KB
PWDCHECK.NLM Password checker, ver.1.00 13 KB n/a
free utilities description size valid until
MODIFACL.NLM utility for ACL modification, ver.1.01 3.3 KB free
RINGING.NLM utility which rings on the servers as a phone, ver.1.00 1.0 KB free

Other products listed in our Utilities and Projects pages and available for download may not be supported.
In any case we would like to get your feedbacks and ideas which certainly help us to improve our products and make them continuously better.